Meet the team!

Jan 15, 2024

Later this year, we’re excited to shoot TENTJE PLOF, a children’s series about camping. Hereby we introduce the crew members who will create the adventurous world of TENTJE PLOF (from left to right):

Thomas Mataheru, executive producer; Aya Talmon, writer; Tijs van Marle, head writer; Lucas Camps, director; Iris Hogendoorn, writer; Lorans al Dandachli, writer; Nadine Bemelmans, producer; and Richard Spierings, DOP.

In the words of Lucas: “This summer we are shooting a camping series full of adventure with a fantastic crew and cast. Making campfires, playing in the mud, building treehouses. I almost feel like a child again myself and I’m really looking forward to it!”

Unfortunately writer Cheryl Asruf was not able to join the photoshoot.