Tentje Plof

in development
TENTJE PLOF is a diverse and inclusive children’s series about camping. Each episode follows a child experiencing small adventures at the camp site – a happy place under the sun, surrounded by nature and always something interesting to discover.
Our young audience can easily relate themselves to the main characters and their struggles, and learn valuable live lessons.
Photo: headwriter Tijs van Marle, together with the writing team (Aya Talmon, Cheryl Asruf, Iris Hogendoorn & Lorans al Dandachli).
Shooting is anticipated in spring/summer 2024.
Directed by   Lucas Camps

Written by   Tijs van Marle, Lucas Camps, Cheryl Asruf, Iris Hogendoorn, Aya Talmon, Lorans al Dandachli

In co-production with   EO

Genre   Feelgood

Duration   16 x 8 min.

Release   2025