Distant echoes of stories of the sea mingle with the banality of today´s tourist 36hour express cruise ship atmosphere.

Screenplay and directed by Lina Sieckmann and Miriam Gossing
Co-production with Coin Film, Köln.

De Smet

Comedy | 15 minutes | 2014 | Credits | Awards

The brothers 'De Smet' created a system to live their lives as singles in the most comfortable way. When a new woman moves into their street, their synergy turns out to be a house of cards.

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OVER (English title)
Suspense | 8 minutes | 2013 | Credits

Short suspense film on revenge. A girl, traumatized in her youth, is about to be confronted again with her crazy mother

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(English title: One for all and all for one )
Family Film | 97 minutes | 2015 | Credits

The strong-willed Isabel (12) takes over her ill grandfather’s search for the long-lost sword of musketeer d’Artagnan, following a secret code that leads her and her friends through caves and castles. But who can Isabel trust and who has a hidden agenda?

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Drama | 8 minutes | 2011 | Credits

The story is based on the historical figure of Anatole Deibler (1863-1939). In 8 minutes the viewer witnesses this man with an uncommon profession in his daily environment.

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Weg met Willem

Comedy | 13 minutes| 2015 | Credits

Six year-old Willem’s parents drop him off in a strange village, leaving him with two unhygienic strangers. Hours later, Willem still hasn’t been collected. He realises he has been abandoned and will have to make his own way home on foot, as far as his little legs will carry him.


Drama/suspense | 6 minutes | 2010 | Credits

Jeff encounters a abandoned wall in the wilderness. When Jeff notices noises coming from the other side, he is determined to find out what is happening behind the wall. However, it remains to be seen whether this curiosity turns out to be a good thing.

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Flight of Life

Dance film | 9 minutes | 2013 | Credits

‘Flight of life’ is a visual journey. In this short movie, we witness a young couple just before a fatal car crash. The movie is a cross cut between the accident and their last hours together.

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One our real

Experimental film | 13 minutes | 2016 | Credits

In its unbiased observation of the contemporary free-time phenomena of real-life escape games, ‘One Hour Real’ raises questions about surveillance, the human yearning to play, and the relation between imprisonment and desire.

Charlotte 98

Drama | 15 minutes| 2015 | Credits

Charlotte is seventeen and has almost finished high school. She yearns for maturity and a real life. In the vacuum of boredom between exams and results, she and her friends feel trapped in their dull village. Fortunately, there’s one prospect: a trip to Blanes for their first unsupervised holiday.

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Comedy | 14 minutes | 2016 | Credits

When Hans' compassion leads to him getting stuck in a dark forest with the sinister Evert and Ria, his patience is put to the test.

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Mens en Biest

Drama | 18 min | 2016 | Credits

When Jean, a lonely junk collector, finds an abandoned truck on the forest road between Veurs and Hagelstein, he thinks he can make a fortune. But when Jean sets foot in the truck's cabin, the situation is more complicated than it seems...

A Tale of two brothers

Drama | 12 minutes | 2015| Credits

Frederik (12) and Albert (16) are very close brothers who play in the forest every day. When Albert meets Greta, a girl who lives be- yond the woods, Frederik realises he is losing his only friend and play partner. Will he try to stop him from leaving him?

Connecting Flights

Animation | 6 minutes | 2014 | Credits

Visual journey of a love affair. Two people are brought together by a fly.



(English title: Before you hit the ground)
Drama | 12 minutes | 2014 | Credits

It is an ordinary weekday. Twenty-year-old student Steven is babysitting the one-year-old Levy at his usual babysitting address. Because of a stupid, small accident, the life of Levy slips through his fingers. Driven by guilt, he makes decisions he never thought he could make.