13 mei 2018

Eugene Bay and Elbe Stevens have travelled to the US in connection with their documentary ‘DUTCH DESIGN’. Eugene spoke with the scene’s key players on the west coast. Elbe stayed in New York, where he spoke among others with Robert Kloos from the Dutch consulate and Pamela Horn of the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum.                          

photo: 'Chest of Drawers', designed by Tejo Remy


Successful First Edition Indian Summer Academy

17 Oktober 2017

Stichting Movie Scenes initiated the Indian Summer Academy (6-8 Oktober), where teams have worked on the development of their film plan, led by top coaches. The participants were teached by Paul Bertram, Ger Beukenkamp, Pieter Kuijpers and coached by Robert Keun and Felix van Ginsbergen.



9 juni 2017

The Dutch Film Fund has granted a development funding for the feature film ‘Blaosmuziek’. The film tells a feelgood, coming of age story about a man who has to choose between his father’s miners fanfare or his own career as a trumpet player.

'Blaosmuziek’ is a music film, initated by Elbe Stevens Films, in collaboration with Gé Reinders. Pupkin Film and Elbe Stevens Films are the producers of the project. The scenario is in the hands of Sophie van de Pol and Paul Jan Nelissen. André van Duren (photo) is the director .


Dutch Film Fund grants final funding 'Seaways'

9 mei 2017

The shooting of the creative documentary 'Seaways' will start in June, thanks to the granted funding by the Dutch Film Fund. The German producers are Gossing & Sieckmann GbR and Coin Film, the Dutch producer is Elbe Stevens Films. The film will be directed by Lina Sieckmann (left) and Miriam Gossing (right).

‘Seaways’ will depict us the distant echoes of sea stories, mingled with the banality of today’s tourist 36hour express cruise ship atmosphere. This experimental documentary shows us how traveling has changed in the past three centuries, by observing and creating new realities.


One Hour Real Selected Competition Oberhausen

16 maart 2017

Shortfilm ‘One Hour Real’, directed by Lina Sieckmann en Miriam Gossing and produced by Elbe Stevens in collaboration with Lumière Cinema Maastricht, is selected for the German competition of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

One Hour Real raises questions about the relation between imprisonment and desire, by observing the contemporary real-life escape games.


Film in Friesland

5 december 2016

Read here the article in the Filmkrant on the role of Elbe Stevens in the set up of a new film platform in the province of Friesland. 


Weg Met Willem bought by KLM and selected for LA Shorts Fest

20 oktober 2016

Short film Weg Met Willem can be watched high in the sky from now, because of the sale to KLM. The film is also selected in competition at the 20th edition of the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, one of the largest and most prestigious international short film festivals in the world. Weg Met Willem has previously been selected for the Golden Calf competition at the Netherlands Film Festival, the Austin Film Festival (USA), Haryanan International Film Festival (IN) and Brussels Short Film Festival (BE).