Souvenir selected for 48th edition of IFFR

November 2018

Souvenir, directed by Lina Sieckmann and Miriam Gossing and co-produced by Elbe Stevens Films is selected for the 48th International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Souvenir will be part of Voices; the films that are presented in Voices are driven by their powerful stories, their distinct characters, their captivating subjects and important themes.


Dutch Design Exhibition

Oktober 2018

The Design Museum Cube in Kerkrade will organize a Dutch Design Exhibition that fits in with the documentary. As with the film, a number of iconic objects will be specially highlighted. There is also talked with Cube about a Dutch premiere, next to the planned premiere in New York, autumn 2018.



july 2018

BNO and Pictoright support the Dutch Documentary financially.



june 2018

The post-production of Souvenir, the experimental film by the German directors Miriam Gossing and Lina Sieckmann has been completed. The sound design was done by Robert Kroos and the post production was done at Feverfilm, Amsterdam. The film is supported in Nordrhein Westfalen.