A 55-minute documentary about the phenomenon Dutch Design. Central is the search for the relationship between the Netherlands and design. Why are the Dutch so good at design and what does that say about their identity? Key players from the Netherlands and abroad are looking at Design in the Netherlands.

Photo: Chest of Drawers, Tejo Remy


Elbe Stevens Films is co-producer of the Austrian Feature Film NEVRLAND, the debut film of the internationally acclaimed Gregor Schmidinger. The production is in the hands of Orbrock, Vienna. The main roles are for Simon Frühwirth, Paul Forman and Josef Hader.

Photo: producer Ulrich Gehmacher


Obrock – a Vienna-based production company founded by producer Ulrich Gehmacher – and Elbe Stevens Films have received money from the Austrian Film Fund for the youth film BYE MONSTER, with screenplay by Tijs van Marle. The director is Margien Rogaar.

Photo: Tijs van Marle


Together with PUPKIN FILM, Elbe is working on the feature film Blaosmuziek (screenplay Sophie van de Pol/Paul Jan Nelissen, director André van Duren). Blaosmuziek is a music film that addresses the theme of loyalty; it is set at the time of mine closures in South Limburg in the 1970s. Blaosmuziek is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund.

(The Dirty Rag)

Feature film, based on Anne Wadman’s book from 1964.

Screenplay by Jan Eichberg
Co-Production with Coin Film, Köln
Funded by NordMedia, Germany